Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 24th.

One would think that the use of the von Brain ring on spaceships would result in a lot of dizzy space travelers. The reality for the USSC military members on the Sheppard-class ships, like the Aldrin is that the number of dizzy crewmembers tends to remain around three per voyage.

Fortunately for the rest of the crew, the gravity field generated by the ring makes any movement of the ring feel negligible. Unfortunately for these three crewmembers, they are usually the lowest ranking members of their respective ship teams and as a result spend the most time watching the von Braun ring turn.

The first one is the member of the command center crew who gets assigned the task of monitoring the cameras aimed at the von Braun ring and watching for any sign of problem. The other two are members of the ship maintenance team that have to don the spacesuits and maintenance exoframes and repair the exterior of the ship.

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