The Passage vs The Passage

A few weeks ago the tv show The Passage wrapped up its first season finale.  As someone who read the book series, which begins with the book The Passage, I was interested in seeing how the tv show and the book measure up.

For starters, bear in mind, the first season of the tv series only covers the first half of the first book.  The writers do an excellent job of incorporating information from sequel books into the tv series. much like the the writers of The Expanse tv show have incorporated information from the latest The Expanse novels into earlier tv

I think the writers of the tv show did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the book.  However, as is always the case of books adapted into tv shows and movies, there were changes made to the story from the book.  While most of the changes made were minor, there were definitely some changes that will create some interesting problems for the writers as the series continues in following seasons.

It is for this reason that I added a writing tag to this post.  I think an interesting opportunity to see how writers write themselves out of corners and problems will be coming in subsequent seasons.  The first season changes some characters in ways that will potentially impact how they can be used or will need to be changed in the future seasons.

Even if you’re not a fan of scifi or horror tv, there will be a chance for anyone interested in writing or the storytelling process to see how writers and storytellers can fix problems created in their own storytelling.  Season two should be interesting.

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The Seventh Victim vs The Purge

Finally got around to watching the movie The Purge.  This movie was on my want to see list because of the dystopian aspect.  I’m kind of an iffy horror fan.  I’m not a fan of slasher films but I do like the tales of  H. P. Lovecraft, monster movies, and the Alien franchise.

Once the movie started getting into the background and history of the annual purge of the movie’s dystopia, I kept thinking, “I know this story”.  As the purge scenes of the films’s name got going, I recognized many elements of the Robert Sheckley short story,”The Seventh Victim“. 

This got me thinking that I can’t be the only person to see this.  Unfortunately, I was surprised that an internet search of The Purge and “The Seventh Victim” only turned up one link making this connection, part a reddit discussion about a movie plagiarism lawsuit.  All of the other links were lists of dystopian stories where murder was legal and happened to contain both stories on the list.

Is it plagiarism?  I’m not going to say yes, because I don’t think it was intentional.  Though I do keep seeing a trend of new scifi, fantasy, and horror movies lifting concepts, plots, and general world elements of older texts without giving credit to the older works.  As I mention above, I don’t think it’s a case of new authors always intentionally borrowing from older authors.  However, I am disappointed by the number of storytellers who get defensive instead of acknowledging the possible influence of the older work on the newer one. 
While The Purge makes an interesting movie, I think Sheckley’s story covers the idea much better and handles the story ending plot twist more shockingly.
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