Mental Health as a Gaming Strategy

I found an interesting article on USA Today today while reading daily headlines.

A new game studio, 2Dogs Games, is creating a new game, Destiny’s Sword, where “your troops[‘] … experiences in combat will affect each character differently” and “influences their effectiveness in subsequent battles”.

The game design team is utilizing actual mental health research by working with clinical psychologists from Take This and veterans from Spartan Wellness to create realistic mental health reactions to combat experiences.

This game looks to be an unique change from the traditional Call of Duty-style first-person shooter where the gamer just kills everything in game, damn the consequences. Players will find that actions have consequences that go beyond the immediate battle concerns.

Unfortunately, it looks like we have to wait until November for the beta test and approximately a year from now to see the game go live. However, it looks like this will be a game worth waiting for.