Inktober 2020 Part 2

5 Blade

October 5, 2020 – Blade

On Themis, swords come mainly in three varieties. The pirates have their blades, rumored to have originated in the Middle East before migrating to the Caribbean. The Vikings have their solid blades, crafted using a technique long forgotten and lost on Earth. The Knights Templar also have their own blades crafted to use the weight of the weapon as part of the attack’s momentum.

6 Rodent

October 6, 2020 – Rodent

There is one species of rodent that is of particular concern to most of the space force. While not yet classified by name, it is well known by sight. This creature looks like a small gray mouse with red eyes. Those who have witnessed the creature in action have seen it eat creatures the size of a dog using a method familiar to anyone who’s seen a python.

7 Fancy

October 7, 2020 – Fancy

Somewhere it must be written that senior officers must be a practically inept at anything that might seem as normalcy anywhere else. No matter where they go, where they might be, whatever they might be fighting, somehow they always have all the implements to host a formal dinner.

8 Teeth

October 8, 2020 – Teeth

Teeth are a common find anywhere. Teeth the size of artillery shells were not common a sight for the members of the US Space Force until their arrival on Themis. They are usually found after the passing of the purple full moon. Some of the senior officers are of the opinion that someone should go look for whatever loses these large teeth. Most of the enlisted are of the same opinion only if those someones are the senior officers.

9 Throw

October 9, 2020 – Throw

The local trolls are capable of throwing spears the same distance that a local elf can shoot an arrow. The size of the spear makes this a troublesome fact.

10 Hope

October 10, 2020 – Hope

There’s something about a sunrise that speaks to hope. Whether it is the sunrise on Earth or a sunrise on Themis, there’s something about watching the beginning of a new day that gives hope.

11 Disgusting

October 11, 2020 – Disgusting

Wet environments breed disgusting things. Whether it’s just the muck and mud, or the things that might occupy said muck and mud, or the things that mix with the muck and mud, always have an extra pair of boots.


Inktober 2020 Part 1


October 1, 2020 – Fish

Being a pirate is easy. Being a pirate on Earth was easier. Being a pirate on Themis is really hard. Being a pirate on the losing end of an encounter with the ships of the Knights Templar, the Vikings, and the Elves is really bad. Surviving the encounter itself is not the bad part. Finding yourself in the Themis oceans with the fish is where things get really bad. On Earth, there were legends of something called angler fish that looked pretty scary. Here on Themis, the angler fish would be an improvement over the demonfish that occupy the oceans. Between the monstrous looks and the monstrous teeth and tentacles, the demonfish almost makes one miss the sharks of Earth.


October 2, 2020 – Wisp

Willow trees on Themis are the gathering spot of the wisps. When an elf dies, their spirit leaves their body in the form of a wisp. That wisp then begins a journey to return to the willow trees of the elven lands. The wisp has until sunset to return to secure its spot in the line of returning to life. Those wisps who fail to return to the willows are lost forever as the banshees of legend.


October 3, 2020 – Bulky

Trolls are bulky creatures. Being a magical mixture of stone and flesh makes one bulky by nature. The larger the troll, the bulkier it is. While trolls of Themis are known by other names on earth, from the largest to the smallest they are merely trolls on Themis.


October 4, 2020 – Radio

Radio was once the primary form of contact for military operations. While the term is still used, radio now refers to anything involving military communications from satellites to computers. Orders once had to transfer over radio waves to get from the headquarters to the troops on the ground. Now headquarters can deliver orders directly to the individual soldiers.


Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 31st.

Every organization’s got one. He’s loved by some, hated by some, and sometimes it’s both at the same time by the same people. He doesn’t intent to be a bad guy. He’s just always looking for an angle, or some way to get ahead.

Ours on the USSC Aldrin is Bill. While most of us on the Aldrin see the people and places of Themis as an opportunity to learn more about the universe and life on another planet, Bill sees a customer base ripe for exploitation. And chances are, if you’re missing something, Bill’s probably already sold it.


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Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 30th.

No one knows for sure when it happened. Sometime between when it was written in the 20th century and when the USSC’s officer training program was created in the late 21st century, the book Catch 22 was adopted as the formal officer training manual.

Since that time, some NCOs and senior NCOs have expressed their suspicion that Catch 22 was included in classroom literature either by an NCO as a joke or by an officer as a how-not-to manual. However, the current caliber of decision made by USSC senior officers demonstrates that whatever the intent, it has since become viewed as a hot-to instead.


Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 29th.

There are many injuries a space marine can endure on a battle field. The suits are designed to withstand most and keep the trooper in battle. However, the most severe injury a space marine can received on a battlefield is injured pride.

As the knights waded deeper into the battling forces, many a space marine was emptying a magazine of flechettes and replacing it with the next one while the opposing demon who’d taken the full load seemed to merely stagger. That was not the source of the marines’ wounded pride.

Instead, it started as awe, before escalating into incredulousness, and finally shifting in exasperated disbelief as they watched pairs of knights wipe away pairs these demonic beasts with a chant and a wave of their hands.

The views before us supported the idea these guys were on a mission of a higher calling.