Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 25th.

One term that is rarely used to describe a meal in the military is tasty. Whether describing the food cooked in the chow halls or the food in the rations of previous centuries, terms like cardboard, saw dust, shoe leather, and “needs more hot sauce” were far more likely to be uttered to describe a military meal.

Fortunately for the military units in prior centuries, no one had figured out how to create ration-type meals to feed hundreds to thousands of military troops at a time. Unfortunately for the military members onboard the Aldrin, someone had deemed it a priority R&D project to create unit-sized rations.

For obvious reasons, that individual’s identity has been heavily classified and sealed within a safe within a scif in a limited access building on the most heavily classified military base. Which means everyone knew his name was somewhere within Area 51 should anyone ever convince the security folks there that they have secret credentials like Bob Lazar and should be given access to it too.

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