MCS-289 Artemis Dropship – 39th Special Operations Squadron

This is a kitbash project I have been working on for quite a while now. The model, paint, and final touches are done for the model itself. A diorama is the next phase of this project and is currently in the planning phase.

For those who have followed the fictional entries here, this is the dropship that appears in a couple of my stories.

As always, the DeviantArt Gallery link.


Still Alive

So between work and Covid-19, I must admit, the blog didn’t get the attention it deserved from me. However, here’s a couple of projects I was working on during that time,

This was a miniature that was painted for a coworker. I made $10 off of it.

This is a primer paint test. On the suggestion of the Mission Models guys, I painted a model half grey primer and half pink, white, and black primers. The second image is the initial red paint coat over both sets of primers.

As always a DeviantArt Gallery link for closer looks at the images.