Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 23rd.

Any world with an intelligent population will have ruins of some type and Themis is no exception. Of course, in the case of Themis, one is more likely to find ruins of structures that are so ancient that they predate the earliest steps of the first humans on Earth.

The trolls, dwarves, and elves all have different theories of how each of their racial species came into being. USSC geologists attempted to help determine dates of the ruins and in some cases, the answers they do find seem to only raise more questions.

USSC Headquarters Themis officials have a death grip on a theory that suggests the machines and other equipment items used for the purpose of dating the ruins must be malfunctioning because of the reverse image of the constellation Orion we have in the sky here.

The scientists used to try and explain why that is not a concern, but eventually found it easier to just nod their heads and carry on as if they didn’t hear the question than try to continue to explain that laws of physics don’t become optional just because you’re in a different solar system.

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