Current Project Update

So… my current word count for NaNoWriMo is 3675. I know, I know, I’m way behind the 50k target total. According to my “word per day” calculator, I have to clear 3500 words a day to still hit the goal on time. That may not happen.

On a plus note, the med adjustment seems to have gone well. The depression and SAD aspect seems to be lessened, but my focus seems to have also been lessened. Of course, new distractions have also been picked up in the last week (mentioned in the last post). So anything more than 0 words in this most recent window is a win.

As mentioned before, I recently started a part-time job. The blogging, writing, and art isn’t producing a self-sustaining income, so something had to be added to keep the bills paid. On a plus note, I’m working in a hobby and craft shop. So, models, r/c hobbies, train sets, scratch-build supplies, craft supplies, and art supplies are around me daily and helping to fuel plenty of future projects once I get the focus part down. Plus, I get to find creative solutions to problems almost every day that I work.

And speaking of current projects, aside from the NaNoWriMo project, my new current project is designing a Christmas card for my wife and I to send out this year. That should appear soonish in the late November/early December timeframe.

And just so I don’t leave any followers, readers, or guests here empty handed, the above picture is my earliest picture of the USSC Aldrin in orbit over Themis. And as always, the DeviantArt link.


Distractions are always a problem when writing. Sometimes it’s weather. Sometimes, it’s a new job. Sometimes it’s a new medication adjustment. The past few days have been all of the above. I am sitting at 3065 words out of the 50k target as of the moment. I’ve also discovered my latest distraction to add to those previously listed: Disney+.

For those waiting for a paycheck to subscribe, Disney+ is offering a 7-day free trial. So far Disney+ is amazing and the choice of things to watch is huge. For me, so far I’ve watched Star Wars (A New Hope) as a test of the service and I’ m stuck on watching the show Rebels.

For us, this is replacing Netflix for us and World of Warcraft for me. Though I’m starting to think this is going to be a much bigger distraction overall for me.

NaNoWriMo Update and Von Braun Wheel Hotel

My NaNoWriMo project is still behind, but as of this moment, I have committed 2171 words. I should probably stop revising and rewriting as I go to up the number count.

If you’ve followed and read posts here for any amount of time, you know that the Von Braun is a reoccurring theme in my writing and artwork. I personally think moving this from concept to reality is the key to exo-Earth-orbit space travel.

So, imagine my joy and surprise to find this article in my news feed this morning. Titled “Yes, the ‘Von Braun’ Space Hotel Idea Is Wild. But Could We Build It by 2025?” over on, the article discusses a company working on developing a hotel in Earth orbit using the von Braun wheel for its design.

Image stolen from the article.

Where do lost things go?

NaNoWriMo is underway. As for me, I’m a little behind. My status as of this morning is 376 words out of 50K total goal.

The title for this entry is the theme of what I’m working on. It is a scifi-ish and humorous story that links some of my Inktober, VA OT creative writing group, and other writings, some here and some not.

Considering this week involved my start of a new part-time job and the continuation of a medication adjustment that began last week, I consider any words total above 0 to be a decent accomplishment.


Spoiler Alert:
While I normally attempt to avoid spoilers in discussions of movies and books, the nature of the story of this movie means the discussion necessarily involves some spoilers.

Brightburn offers an unusual take on the superhero story. Although in some ways there’s elements here that remind one of M Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable trilogy, it is the Superman origin story that is important to be familiar with here.

Brightburn parallels the Superman story. Kyle and Tori Breyer replace Jonathan “Pa” and Martha “Ma” Kent. Brightburn, Kansas replaces Smallville, Kansas. Brandon Breyer replaces Clark Kent.

From the crash of Brandon’s spaceship on Earth through puberty, the story parallels that of Kal-El’s childhood from the Superman story. However, once the child hits puberty, the story takes a turn to address the nature versus nurture debate in terms of superhero stories.

Around the time of his 12th birthday, the young Brandon starts to develop abilities that are beyond the norm. Instead of a green glow and a message to protect the Earth, Brandon’s spaceship glows red and offers strange whispers in the night, hinting at a more ominous source than Jor-El and Krypton.

When he first comes in contact with his spaceship, Brandon, who up to this point in the story has never been cut or injured, is cut by a piece of the ship, which is also witnessed by his mother Tori, again paralleling that the one weakness Brandon has is similar to Clark’s kryptonite.

The origins of Brandon are left unrevealed in this story. However, the dark whispers to “Take the world”, the red glow of the spaceship, Brandon’s own acknowledgment of being “special” and “superior”, and the design of the mask Brandon takes to wearing as he goes about his actions hints at something Cthulhuish and Lovecraftian in origin.

The rest of the story is a play on the 12 year old Brandon discovering and using his powers to protect his powers and identity. Most of those who know Brandon’s secret, weakness, and identity are removed by the end.  The ending ambiguously offers the possibility of sequels and more stories to follow. As the closing credits run, they are interspersed with clips showing that Brandon’s actions stretch beyond the borders of the town of Brightburn and his alter ego is called “Brightburn” in the media.

Since this is billed as a horror movie, there are elements of horror gore in a few of the scenes, but otherwise, this is easily viewed as a superhero/supervillain origin movie. This is a must view for fans of superhero stories, fans of comic book movies, and those with an interest in the nature versus nurture debate.


Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 31st.

Every organization’s got one. He’s loved by some, hated by some, and sometimes it’s both at the same time by the same people. He doesn’t intent to be a bad guy. He’s just always looking for an angle, or some way to get ahead.

Ours on the USSC Aldrin is Bill. While most of us on the Aldrin see the people and places of Themis as an opportunity to learn more about the universe and life on another planet, Bill sees a customer base ripe for exploitation. And chances are, if you’re missing something, Bill’s probably already sold it.


If you’ve been following along and just want to see the series of posts inline, or if you haven’t been following and just want to see the finished series, click here: Inktober. The DeviantArt gallery is here: Inktober 2019.

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