Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 26th.

The dark tends to be where most military operations take place. But we’d never experienced true darkness until we experienced the rare three new moons on Themis.

Because of the three moons that orbit Themis, total darkness is a rare event. The three moons tend to rotate and phase in such a way that at least some sliver of at least one of them is in the night sky. Around our sixth month here, we discovered what real darkness was.

The night had started as all the others with a sliver of one of the moons still visible. I think it might have been the blue one. But two hours later that sliver vanished. The stars still shone, but the light was not enough for you to see far beyond.

Shortly after that, we got our first homebase glimpses of the demon-like creatures we’d seen facing off with the knights and our first glimpses and encounters with some vampire-like creature, which we later learned were from a planet called Weber. Before the large groups approached Outpost Sparta, we heard the sound of a large group of mounted troops approaching from behind.

I turned to see what approached and saw the now familiar armor of the Knights Templars as we recognized the tabard symbols of the central party, or paladins as most had referred to themselves.

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