Today’s prompt and DeviantArt link. This one is also a sequel of sorts to “Bait“.

I continued to pilot the Gemini over the treetops flying in at times a figure-eightish, other times an infinity loop, and even some of the other times a Mobius trip pattern, After a couple of close calls with troll projectiles, Banana suggested keeping our flight patterns high enough to avoid most contact, while still fling low enough to keep the trolls focused on us.

The other Gemini flew in a large halo-like circle covering the entire area in which we were attempting our CSAR. I heard various calls over the radio but I succeeded in tuning out every voice that wasn’t Banana. I knew if something was important, she’d speak up. Otherwise, I ignored all but her and the trolls below.

When she called out,  “package received, both Artys away”, I made a deliberate quick turn back around heading directly towards one of the largest groups of trolls on the ground.  I fired the Gemini’s close combat lasers at them and follow that with a close buzzing of the aerospace fighter before lifting up and over the treetops providing close air support for the Artemis drop ships on their way out of the hot zone.

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