Yesterday’s prompt and DeviantArt link.

The first encounter with other humans caught us by surprise. We had several aerospace fighters running recon flights over the land masses on the “other side” of the world. As they relayed back a fight they were witnessing, the decision was made to combine a first contact with a military assist, and one of our ground force teams was dispatched by drop ship.

We all watched in awe as they joined the battle. There was a large group of “knights” in shinny armor with a variety of symbols on the cloth tabards worn over the heavy armor. These knights seemed to be arranged into three groupings. The first group that our troops encountered was a small distance from the lines of combat and was set about calling out prayers and chants which would seem to cause a golden light to surround various other knights and cause any injuries to vanish or in some cases the knights touched by the light grew stronger.

The second group was gathered in smaller groups battling what appeared to be demons and ghouls for lack of a better description. I watched without blinking as one knight stood his ground and began a wide swing of a massive sword that cleaved through several of his opponents at once. As the swing came around, we had our first glimpse of the third grouping of knights.

This third group seemed to be wadding into the thickest parts of the battle and using their smaller swords and large shields to gather up large groups of opponents for the other group of knights to attack. Similar to the first group, they would occasionally offer up a prayer or chant that would result in a large sphere of golden light to reach out about a yard from where they stood and cause everything in that sphere that wasn’t a knight to explode.

A couple of our communications technicians and one of the archival scientists swore the knights were speaking an older form of French. The best guesses our ground troops could get were something about paladins and one of them heard one of the knights from the first grouping to use the term Templar as an offered description.

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