Current Project Update

So… my current word count for NaNoWriMo is 3675. I know, I know, I’m way behind the 50k target total. According to my “word per day” calculator, I have to clear 3500 words a day to still hit the goal on time. That may not happen.

On a plus note, the med adjustment seems to have gone well. The depression and SAD aspect seems to be lessened, but my focus seems to have also been lessened. Of course, new distractions have also been picked up in the last week (mentioned in the last post). So anything more than 0 words in this most recent window is a win.

As mentioned before, I recently started a part-time job. The blogging, writing, and art isn’t producing a self-sustaining income, so something had to be added to keep the bills paid. On a plus note, I’m working in a hobby and craft shop. So, models, r/c hobbies, train sets, scratch-build supplies, craft supplies, and art supplies are around me daily and helping to fuel plenty of future projects once I get the focus part down. Plus, I get to find creative solutions to problems almost every day that I work.

And speaking of current projects, aside from the NaNoWriMo project, my new current project is designing a Christmas card for my wife and I to send out this year. That should appear soonish in the late November/early December timeframe.

And just so I don’t leave any followers, readers, or guests here empty handed, the above picture is my earliest picture of the USSC Aldrin in orbit over Themis. And as always, the DeviantArt link.

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