MCS-289 Artemis Dropship – 39th Special Operations Squadron

This is a kitbash project I have been working on for quite a while now. The model, paint, and final touches are done for the model itself. A diorama is the next phase of this project and is currently in the planning phase.

For those who have followed the fictional entries here, this is the dropship that appears in a couple of my stories.

As always, the DeviantArt Gallery link.

Still Alive

So between work and Covid-19, I must admit, the blog didn’t get the attention it deserved from me. However, here’s a couple of projects I was working on during that time,

This was a miniature that was painted for a coworker. I made $10 off of it.

This is a primer paint test. On the suggestion of the Mission Models guys, I painted a model half grey primer and half pink, white, and black primers. The second image is the initial red paint coat over both sets of primers.

As always a DeviantArt Gallery link for closer looks at the images.

Legal Response

To the law office of Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe:

Our legal department here at Acme Inc received your notice notifying of your intent to sue on behalf of Wile E Coyote. Consider this our response letter and our legal response on behalf of our client.

The DVD you provided of evidence of the failures of several of our products has been well revied by both this office and the corporate board. After those viewings, we can only conclude that your client is an idiot and his legal representation is made of idiots as well.

The video evidence does not demonstrate product failures on our part, but instead prove that all failures of our products used by Mr Coyote are clearly the result of his failure to adhere to posted cautions and warnings, his failure to follow directions, and his failure to use proper personal safety equipment. In every case, our products worked as advertised and the failures are due to his improper usage rather than product failures.

For example, the earthquake pills were clearly marked with a caution notifying the product has no effect on roadrunners. Another example is his repeated voluntary ordering and reordering of our anvils, which are demonstrated every time to be in compliance with laws of gravity. And a final example is his failure to follow the directions in our manual on “how to catch a roadrunner” which clearly stated to “dig a hole” not “jackhammer a hole”.

Therefore, we have no legal recourse but to state our intent to countersue for defamation should this lawsuit go forward.

Your move.

Ira Fleecem
Attorney at Law
Acme Inc

Coming Soon: The World Without Exploitation

Due to recent events and the current trend of dismantling anything that might serve as a reminder or a monument to slavery, racism, or human exploitation, the UN, NATO, and a coalition of world leaders all agree that it is in everyone’s best interest that any monument, statue, building, or technology utilizing, benefiting, or developing  from slave labor or any other form of human exploitation will henceforth be discontinued or dismantled as applicable or appropriate.

To demonstrate a leadership role and serve as an example, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and Doctors Without Borders have volunteered to be the first profession to eliminate itself under the new system of justice. The American Bar Association has announced that after it completes the oversight process to ensure compliance with the international project, it would be the final professional organization to dismantle.

In a rare show of support, Saudi Arabia has agreed to dismantle Mecca, Egypt has begun to dismantle the pyramids, and the United States Congress has begun to dismantle their office buildings. Silicon Valley, U.S manufacturers, and internet service providers all announced plans to discontinue any and all of their services by the end of the current year.

The consortium of international humorists, satirists, and comedians issued a statement that reads, “we’ve got nothing. We couldn’t even begin to compete with this proposal”.

The international coalition has announced that cave assignments and hunter/gather training courses will begin August 1., with the expectation of the entire program being completed by July 4, 2021. UN spokesperson Barack Obama was quoted as saying, “The Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice, ‘We’ll try better next time!'”