Coronavirus, Humor, and Idiots Sciencing

If there’s a good thing to come out of a situation like the coronavirus, assuming you can see good coming out of something so bad, it’s this: amidst all the panic and fear, humor is alive and well and idiots are still sciencing.

Recently I’ve read articles and newsreports begging people top stop drinking bleach and stop spraying their pets with it. Chicken, bleach, toilet paper, milk, and tortillas are in short supply at my local grocery stores.

The hobby and craft store is doing Christmas season level sales as parents and grandparents rush out to find something to keep the kids busy while the schools are all shutdown.

Elements of every dystopian novel I’ve ever read are playing out as governments and the general public seem to be using them as how-to manuals for the apocalypse.

But the most important thing I think most people can get out of all this is pay attention to what the medical doctors are saying, help each other out, and take care of those just trying to function semi-normally.

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