The Gereg by The Hu

In a previous post, I mentioned a particular love I have for folk metal. While stationed in Germany, I received an education in folk metal through German cd shops. I was instantly fascinated by the idea and sound of using traditional cultural instruments and musical sounds to create a new form of heavy metal.

About a year ago, I encountered a new folk metal group called The Hu through a couple of YouTube videos. One year later, I recently got my hands on The Hu‘s first album The Gereg, and thought I’d share this so you could check this one out.

The Hu is a group of Mongolian musicians who’ve created a remarkably unique new sound. The Gereg is what happens when traditional Mongolian instruments, Mongolian culture, and the Mongolian language meets heavy metal music.

If you don’t speak Mongolian, no worries. The lyrics for this album are included in both Mongolian and English to help the rest of us enjoy the messages of the songs.

If you’re a fan of hard rock or heavy metal music, have an interest in Mongolian culture, or are just looking for something to expand your music horizon’s, this is an album that and a band who should be immediately placed at the top of your music to buy list. Check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.

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