Prompt and DeviantArt link for the 22nd.

Ghosts come in three varieties for members of the military: the friends lost along the way, the enemies and other personally killed, and the ghost of the past that follows everyone naturally. In the two hundred years since the standup of the USSC, mental health experts continue to be evaded by the solution to making these ghost stop following military members.

Mental health experts have consulted with chaplains and others who deal with things of a spiritual nature. These others continue to lack a solid solution for making the ghosts go away. While one would think ghosts could be chased away by exorcism or other means of spiritual banishment, the truth is these ghosts are tied in with things that exist somewhere outside the borders of the mental and the spiritual realms.

Sometimes the ghosts leave on their own; sometimes the military member actively accomplishes a banishment of the ghosts that follow him.

On a world such as Themis where the magical is all too real, the existence of the ghosts are really problematic, since the ghosts following the troops aren’t solely creatures of a figurative nature, but tend to be very real.

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