Bad mental health days mean I get behind on projects. Slowly catching up, so bear with me.

The prompt and DeviantArt link for the 18th.

There are two types of misfits that exist in every military unit. The first is the total screw up, usually referred to as “Carl”. If the screw up is female, they usually call her “Carla”. Carl isn’t good at anything and if something goes catastrophically wrong during military operations, combat or otherwise, Carl is usually at the center of it, if not the direct cause. While most military members wish Carl was a character that existed only in fiction, the sad truth is Carl is very real.

The second type is the guy who’s perfect at his job but doesn’t fit in with the so called “normal” members of his unit. This second guy usually exists only in fiction. He’s the character who is so good at his job that superiors allow him to buck or ignore standards. Many a story exists of this guy making a difference and being the hero of the story.

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