Monday’s prompt and DeviantArt link.

When does a forest become a jungle? At what point is the undergrowth of a forest determined to be overgrown jungle? Those are questions that cross my mind as we follow our elven guides into the thick growth of trees that serve as a secure border to one of their remote villages.

There is but one road in and out, but our guides have taken us on a different path that avoids the obvious route. One of our guides has explained that this village is actually their primary outpost on the edge of troll lands on what they call the Dark Continent.

Dwarves are rumored to also have an outpost on this continent but the elves have never been there and the dwarves are reluctant to confirm its existence. While neither enemies, nor allies, the dwarves and elves seem to share an uneasy tolerance of one another because of their common dislike of the primal trolls.

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