Here’s Tuesday’s prompt and DeviantArt link.

The elves approached our forward operating base before we ventured out into the local area. We were still getting the basic structures set up when two elves came within guard sight range of the base.

We all stopped working and took the opportunity to get our first look at “aliens”. Granted we were actually the aliens here. What we saw was a pair of tall, abnormally thin humanoids, with ears ending in points, faces displaying small amounts of facial hair, and clothing that would easily be seen among the more native tribes of Earth. They looked frail to be honest and didn’t appear to be a threat.

The general and some of his security met the elves halfway between the guard mounts of our base and the treeline from which the elves approached. The general brought the two with him and quickly traveled to the command post. As the guards came back, the used terms such as elves and noted similarities to Celtic imagery combining wood and leathers with stone and metal.

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