A little behind because of playoff games and cleaning for an apartment inspection, but catching up. Here’s Mondays prompt and DeviantArt link.

The first recon flights by the Gemini aerospace fighters brought back word of seeing castles and villages occupying most of the country side instead of the cities and towns that were the norm back home. The pilots and weapon system operators (wisos) who had been to Germany and other parts of Europe described a similarity to what they seen before, while also being different.

When pressed, those crewmembers said the architecture was different. There described some that share commonalities with castles from France, but most others made more of an effort to blend into the natural surroundings. For example, on two of the largest land masses, there were castle walls and doors blending into mountain sides; while on some of the lesser sized land masses, castles were blending into the local forests when they weren’t built as “treehouses”.

As we encountered the local dwarves and elves, and heard of before encountering the trolls, we learned about most of the occupants of this side of what was now being called Themis. The more familiar castles were mostly on a couple of large land masses on the opposite side of the world from these land masses. None of those we encountered on this side knew anything about who might be on the other side. Yet, not many of these mythological people we encountered here seemed as surprised to see a human “for the first time” as we did seeing our first nonhuman peoples.

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