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When the design of the aerospace fighter came into being, it was soon discovered that the worst thing that could happen to an aerospace fighter pilot or weapon system officer (wiso) is to have the fighter shot out from under them.

While one would normally think that the ship exploding or being shot through the crew ejection capsule would be among the worst, those deaths tend to occur instantaneously and are thought to be less painful.

On the other hand, space is cold. It’s freezing cold, as in -455 degrees below Fahrenheit cold. While the ejection capsule and space suit do provide some shelter, heat, and oxygen against the cold and the vacuum of space, those tend to provide only a short-term solution since they rely on a very limited supply of breathable air and battery power.

U.S. Space Command (USSC) scientists and engineers studied the dilemma of combat search and rescues (CSARs) in space to improve the survivability of fighter crews after having their fighter shot out from under them, but they could not find a solution that did not also increase the chances of the crew suffering a fatal fate. While locator beacons, light systems (including infrared and night vision), and bright light colors were all studied and attempted, they increased the chances of CSAR crews spotting the endangered crews, they also increased the chances of enemy aerospace fighters spotting them as well.

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