Some of you are familiar with the Inktober drawing challenge. If not, here’s the the link to the rules. I decided to participate in the challenge, but also further challenge myself with both the art and a related fiction.

This year’s prompts:

My art (with DeviantArt link) and my related fiction for yesterday’s prompt, Ring:

When von Braun theorized the von Braun artificial gravity wheel, engineers couldn’t wait to attempt it, scientists remained skeptical. The biggest drawbacks were the lack of space-based construction platforms and the skepticism of there ever being a metal capable of serving as a building material for a large structure in space without bringing it plummeting through the atmosphere.

It the latter sliver of the 20th Century, the first promise of possible construction materials emerged. By the mid-21st Century, those metals were the foundation for the first space elevator, which opened the door to space-based factories. By the end of the 21st, the first factory was completed and began constructing the first large spaceship.

And of course that first spaceship featured the von Braun ring as central point around which the rest of the ship design was planned. Continuing a NASA tradition dating from the early days of television, U.S. Space Command adopted the tradition labelling it the USSC Enterprise and dubbing the class of vehicle as the Constitution.

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