Captive State

When I first saw a preview for the movie Captive State, I had high hopes for this film. I was expecting something along the lines of Netflix’s film Extinction, or the USA series The Colony, or the TNT series Falling Skies but with a bigger budget.

Sadly, what I expected and hoped for is not what I got to see. The dystopian elements that the previews promise and used to sell the movie get lost in The Wire-style questionable grey-area cops verses questionable grey-area “terrorists” storyline. The result is Captive State has more in common with the Bruce Willis/Denzel Washington movie The Siege or the Will Smith film Enemy of the State, but not as well acted.

Captive State is not all bad. John Goodman delivers an excellent performance as William Mulligan in a performance on par with Jon Simm’s portrayal of Sam Tyler in the series Life on Mars. The big reveal of Goodman’s character is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the film, and once made, it makes the viewer’s feelings of dislike towards the character seem all the more justified.

My recommendation is read the synopsis of this one and move along in favor of one of the other tv series or movies mentioned above. You’ll feel more invested in the characters and actual care when bad thigns happen to them.

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