Treading Water


I missed a couple of weeks during the period referred in a previous post, so yesterday was my third session with the VA OT Creative Writing group I’m participating in. The writing prompt for the day was “Treading Water”. This is what I came up with.

In this case, the writing is related to an art project I’m currently working on which answers the question: What would a viking space ship look like?


“Can one tread water in the skies?”

That’s the question that keeps crossing my mind as I watch the progress on the frame of this new ship we build. I still think this location is too far inland for the building of a ship, yet we continue to build it here.

The chieftan, Leif, son of Erik, says Loki called on him in the night and promised great raids in our future if we build a newer, bigger ship. The Drakknarr, he called it, a cross between the knarr ships that carry our families and our goods and the drakka longships we use for the raids. Once built, this ship would be quite the achievement in itself and a cause for celebration.

However, instead of our usual ship building technique using wood and lumber, we are building this ship out of metal. A metal frame covered by a metal hull. Personally, I think it’s going to sink as soon as we try to set it on the water. Not to mention, it’s going to be quite heavy to move a ship made of metal the distance between this grassland within Greenland’s boarders to its coastal waters.

The chieftan says this ship does not need to be near the water since Loki intends for this ship to sail the skies between the stars. Most of the warriors, now drafted as builders, have expressed our doubts about pursuing any project involving an idea proposed by the trickster god. Yet, Leif insists he believes Loki can be trusted to keep his word on this promise.

If or when the ship encounters trouble in the seas of the skies, it would be helpful to know our chances if stormy weather were to knock one of us overboard or the ship should take on water and sink. No one has an answer to that one. The chieftan refuses to call upon Loki to ask, fearing it would invite his wrath and encourage him to use us as targets for one of his games.

So, as we build this great iron ship, I’m left with just the one unanswered question, “Can one tread water in the skies?” I hope I’m not one of the one who has to answer that question when the time comes.

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