Walking On the Moon: Thoughts on One Hundred Years on the Moon at Fifty


Yesterday was the first session of the VA OT Creative Writing group I’m participating in. The prompt was “Walking on the Moon”. This is what I came up with.


It’s hard to believe the historical significance of the place. Standing in the middle of the site, you can see the fast food joints encroaching on the east and the retail chain stores to the west. This once desolate location has all the symptoms of city life infecting it. The once sea of tranquility is yielding to rivers of asphalt and concrete.

The original structure and flag are now removed. Someone somewhere sometime either objected to or otherwise found them offensive. A plaque on the side of a decaying condominium marks where an eagle landed and first steps were taken. The sign of a local real estate developer long ago replaced the nylon and aluminum flag assembly. Bootprints that held place for most of a century are no longer visible amidst piles of pet excrement and human litter.

If not for the plaque and the street signs marking this as the intersection of Armstrong Way and Aldren Avenue, you’d never believe this was the location where one small step for a man became one giant leap for mankind. Politicians and businessmen call this progress, scientists and artists call this crime. Our children’s children will never know the significance of the moment when Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon.

Clipart stolen from Clipartmax.

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