Good Days, Bad Days

As anyone who’s ever fought with depression and anxiety knows. we have good days and bad days. Fortunately, the last couple of weeks were mostly on the good side and definitely on the busy side. In addition to working around prep work for the Fleur de lis exhibition, I’ve been lining up the next few rounds of projects. I’m just hoping I don’t over-commit myself as I’m usually prone to do and then end up regretting my project schedule on the bad days that will come along.

In the time between my Fleur de lis prep-work and now, Blizzard released the 8.2 Rise of Azshara patch World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. I’ve been actively watching the Women’s World Cup tournament and cheering on the American team. And, of course, in the U.S. we’ve also celebrated Independence Day this week. So, non-work hours have been and continue to be busy.

In art projects, I’m already doing pre-work and design work on projects for the next three Soulard Art Gallery exhibitions as well as a couple of personal projects. I also do church sanctuary and altar decorations and started working through the next few months projects for that.

In writing projects, I’ve signed up for and will be attending a Veterans Creative Writing Group through the St Louis Va Medical Center. This is a once a week session with writing based on a prompt and then reading and responding to each other’s pieces. I’m also working on a couple of other writing projects, some of which will be appearing here soon.

Clipart stolen from Clipartmax.

3 thoughts on “Good Days, Bad Days

    1. It went well. I didn’t win anything, but accomplished what I set out to do. It was definitely an anxiety challenge and we left as soon as we were in the clear to do so. Otherwise, I got to meet a lot of great local artists.

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