Fleur de lis Update 2

Received this email tonight:

4 thoughts on “Fleur de lis Update 2

    1. Thanks. Not necessarily all of it. I do hope to eventually have the DeviantArt page offering prints and etc of most of the art I do. This was more of a case of wanting to participate in the juried exhibition and fighting anxiety and depression demons by moving outside my comfort zone, convincing myself I could create something good enough to compete and possibly sell, and moving toward a larger goal of making a living through art and writing.

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      1. You are doing great, this is just the start. Next time you will know you will get more arts participating in exhibitions. Congratulations!! Looks like both of us are having the same struggle – trying to convince ourselves being good enough to be part of something bold 🙂

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  1. Thanks. It’s kind of a two-fold thing. On the one hand depression and anxiety lies and says we’re not good enough. On the other hand, anyone doing something they believe in encounters the imposter-syndrome thing that says, “who do you think you are, and why do you think anyone would care what you do?” A therapist once told me if I’m encountering those, I’m probably on the right track.


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