Kraken by China Miéville

I will avoid spoilers here and request that any comments remain spoiler free as well.

Imagine Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and H.P. Lovecraft collaborated on a novel and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the novel Kraken by China Miéville is like.

The novel begins with the protagonist’s discovery of the theft of a giant squid, and its full tank of preserving fluid, from the Darwin Centre of the Natural History Museum in London.

From there, we are introduced to a host of characters to include a living tattoo, a police squad that focuses on the unusual, characters without bodies, an ancient hitman team made of an older man and a little boy, and a whole host of apocalyptic cult groups.

Some characters are racing to bring Armageddon, others are racing to stop the end, and still some others who are part of end of the world cults are fighting against the other end of the world cults to try to ensure their version of the end of the world is the one that sticks.

One part Discworld, one part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one part Cthulhu Mythos, one part Good Omens, and one part a new original voice to comedic scifi and fantasy, Kraken is not a book to be missed.

I again request that any comments remain spoiler free.

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