The Kid Who Would Be King

I will avoid spoilers here and request that any comments remain spoiler free as well.

At some point, everyone involved in storytelling, whether as a reader or a writer, crosses paths with the legends of King Arthur. For me, personally, I think there are way too many stories that focus on the Lancelot-Guinevere affair and the fall of Camelot and not enough that focus on the beginnings and how Arthur got the job in the first place.

Two of my personal favorite movies of the Arthurian legend have always been The Sword in the Stone and Monty Python and The Holy Grail. After my wife and I watched The Kid Who Would Be King last night, I think I’ve found a third to add to that list.

The movie is very well done and is true to the King Arthur traditions. While the kid in question is not Arthur, the movie does very well in connecting this story to the Arthurian myths. Between connections with the names of kids, the appearance of Merlin living in reverse (and occasionally turning into Patrick Stewart), and both versions of Arthur’s acquisition of Excalibur getting appearances, the movie is an excellent tribute to the various versions of the Arthur origin story.

While coconut-half horse hoof clops and Merlin saying “blow me to Bermuda” are missing from this version of the tale, there are some references to Python’s take on Arthur, as well as many others.

This version was definitely shot as a kid’s movie; however, adults will have fun with this one too.

I again request that any comments remain spoiler free.

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