You Suck by Christopher Moore

I just recently finished reading You Suck: a Love Story by Christopher Moore. Christopher Moore is one of the few nongenre authors who I actively seek out the works of, but unfortunately have not read enough of.

While this book is a sequel to a previous book, Bloodsucking Fiends, you can actually read this one without having read the first book, with minimal confusion or lostness. Trust me on this, it’s exactly what I did. Through a handful of techniques, the previous book’s story is summarized within the first few chapters without taking the form of a boring summary.

As the titles indicate, it’s a story about vampires. Which, for me, can be a hit or miss topic. Dracula, hit. The Passage series, hit. David Weber’s Out of the Dark, huge miss – save your money and time, the alien invasion of the earth is stopped and humanity is saved by vampires who overrun alien base camps, hijack their drop ships, kill the alien commander, and fly the alien invasion ships back to the alien homeworld.

You Suck is a definite hit. Think Douglas Adams, Monty Python, the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movies, and some of the funniest Doctor Who moments and you’ve got a pretty decent start of a hint of the comedy of errors that makes up this story.

This book is a must read if you’re a humor writer of any sort. Well, not necessarily this book, but any book by Christopher Moore is a must read.

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