Star Wars and Storytelling

My love affair with storytelling began when I was five years old. A little movie entitled Star Wars arrived in the theaters. After seeing the movie, Star Wars became the center of all my playtime activities, most of which were different forms of storytelling.

Fast forward a few years ago, the newest Star Wars movie trilogy began with the return of old characters and the introduction of new characters. Adult me was just as excited about the prospects of this coming addition to the Star Wars mythos.

As most readers are aware, this past weekend saw the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. During this event, the powers that be behind the Star Wars movies decided to release the official name and teaser trailer for the latest Star Wars movie and the conclusion of the Skywalker family saga.

I know, I for one, had the same sense of excitement seeing the release of this trailer as I did when the trailer for Star Wars:The Force Awakens released a few years ago. If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, I’ve included the link below. If you have, one more view won’t hurt you.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars and Storytelling

  1. It’s looking like it has everything I’d want to see in a Star Wars movie too. It’s strange to think that this saga has been a part of my life since infancy- I’m sure it’s just as surreal for you.

    Keep writing my friend.

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    1. It is surreal. Although I agree with some of the criticism of the prequel trilogy, I still believe they did an excellent job of showing what came before the trilogy I grew up with. And I’ve had nothing but praise for the new sequel trilogy. I’m looking forward to this final chapter.

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