Real Monsters by Toby Allen

One of my intentions in rebooting this blog was to never allow more than 3 to 5 days between posts.  In the past, I too often allowed bad days to get in the way of writing.  As often happens, one bad day without work leads to another and another and next thing I know several months have passed with no new updates.  So, this time around, I plan to rectify that with the 3 to 5 day rule.  Even if it’s a low period, I will update with something.

A while ago, I found an article or something that showed off the Real Monsters artwork by Toby Allen.  His project is intended to draw attention to mental illness.  He also makes the images available for purchase as prints, tshirts, etc.  The artwork is great and shows off a variety of mental illnesses.  The piece above is just one example.

Toby Allen’s Depression artwork stolen from ZestyDoesThings.

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