Diet and Exercise to Treat (Not Cure) Depression

Seeing several links today to stories discussing a study linking exercise and an increase of physical activity to a decrease in feeling depressed.  Responsibly, the reports of this study emphasize that they see a decrease in symptoms, not an elimination of depression.

On a similar vein, I saw a couple of links connecting the Mediterranean diet to improvements of depression symptoms.  Again, the information discussed decreases, not eliminations.

Now, on to idiots sciencing.   News is coming out of Washington state that declared a state of emergency because of 31 cases of measles reported in the state.  Once again, anti-vaxxers spreading bad information and bad science about vaccines led to more people declining those vaccines and putting the greater populace at risk.

The problem here is the anti-vaxxer crowd does this based on not just junk science, but also junk math.  In logical fallacies and statistics, there is a concept known as “Correlation does not imply causation”.  The important thing to keep in mind is just because two sets of numbers may appear to be linked, in this case, the increase in number of autistic children and the increase in vaccines, are not necessarily linked.  As many who work with special education note, the increase in the number of autistic children is because of better diagnoses and not because of an increase in causes.

Clipart stolen from Clipartmax.


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