Sometimes the Smartest Person in the Room is also the Dumbest

There was a time when I believed there’s no way actual scientists would behave like the scientists I saw when watching movies like Jurassic Park and Prometheus.  Then, I met actual scientists in school and through the military. It didn’t take long to realize real scientists were definitely the kind of people to drink their own mystery concoctions or create a virus that turns everyone into zombies.

While one of the primary focuses of this blog is depression, and that will remain so, this week was a relatively good week for depression.  For me personally and as far asadvice from well-intentioned idiots.  However, that’s not always the case for me or anyone else.  So, with that in mind, here’s a few helpfull numbers.

From an idiot sciencing perspective, this was a pretty good week for stories.

First up, it was revealed that during the Cold War, in the 1960s, the U.S. Air Force pursued a plan to stop the rotation of the earth in the event of a Soviet missile launch.  A guy even wrote a book about it.  The idea was to stop the rotation of the earth so the missiles would fly right past the U.S. and fall somewhere else, I’m guessing the ocan, but the article wasn’t clear beyond the desired effect of missing the U.S.

The second item I offer for your enjoyment is a few articles came out this week making the claim that in July 2018 Russian scientists thawed out and revived two worms they found in the Artic permafrost, one from 32,000 years ago and the other from 41,000 years ago.  Oh Those Russians.  I’ve read the book and seen the movie.  You’ve read the book and seen the movie.  Apparently, no one in Russia has read the book or seen the movie, because they thought this was a good idea.  So far, no zombie apocalypses, but then again, it’s only been about 6 months.

The third item comes from the newly-elected Congresswoman from New York.  She stated, “The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”  So, there you have it, straight from the mouth of the newest political messiah, we’ve only got 12 years left.  So maybe that Texas preacher wasn’t wrong about Blood Moon signaling the End Times, maybe he just got his count of them wrong.

For this last item, let me clarify my political views.  I worked for the government for approximately 15 years, so, of course, I trust very little of what they do and say.  Politically, I would describe myself as something between a JFK liberal and libertarian, meaning I don’t fit into anyone’s current political boxes.  Lastly, when it comes to politics, I view myself as a humorist first.  It doesn’t matter which side makes the claim, irresponsible statements should be pointed out so that we can all laugh at them together.

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